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In the 40+ years since its formation in 1978 the MLGS has raised over £3,375,000

Specific achievements, year by year, include:


Mobile Chemotherapy Unit

2010 - The new Mobile Chemotherapy Unit

1981 IBM Blood Cell Separator
1982/83 Fluorescent Activated Cell Analyser (FACS)
1986/87 Two Laminar Flow Isolation Units
1988/89 Research Project "Looking into DNA" investigating basic causes of leukaemia and related disorders
1989/90 FACS Analyser Mark II
1990 ACL300 Coagulation Analyser

Third year of Research Project "Looking into DNA"
New Research Laboratory

1991/92 Equipment for Bone Marrow Transplantation Project
1992/93 Fourth Year of Research project "Looking into DNA"
Cobe Spectra Blood Separator
1993/94 Fifth Year of Research Project "Looking into DNA"
Fluorescent Microscope with ancillary Photorecording Equipment
Appointment of second Research Fellow
1994/96 Refurbishment of Out Patients, Day Unit and Waiting Area
Construction of four Isolation Rooms

Day Room
Patients' waiting area in Day Unit

1997/98 Upgrading of Transplantation Facilities

Transplant Equipment
Some of the bone marrow transplant
equipment funded by the MLGS

1998 Appointment of Research Cytogeneticist
Refurbishment of Additional Facilities
1999 ECG Machine, Resuscitation Trolley, Defibrillator, IVAC Pump and Continuation of Research Programme
2000 Installation of Air Filtration and Air Conditioning System for Isolation Rooms
2001/03 Stem cell storage vessel which enables celles to be stored at -190 deg C ready for transplantation
Equipment for research laboratory and continuation of research programme
Chemotherapy infusion pumps
2003/05 Ceiling mounted air cleaner for stem cell laboratory
Part funding of structural improvements to in-patient accommodation and creation of three isolation cubicles, Oak Ward, Children Unit
New research project investigating a key regulatory pathway involved in the proliferation of leukaemia cells
2006 Polymerase Chain Reaction machine installed with £23,000 funding from MLGS. Providing a rapid way to identify leukaemia or lymphoma cells in samples, reducing the time taken to analyse samples, and greatly improving our service to patients
2008 Research grants - project now under review pending appointment of new Consultant following retirement of Steve Johnson

Children's Ward - Play Therapist training and upgrade of Shower Units

Beacon Centre Clinic - Sonosite Machine for taking blood samples plus Patients Counselling Room furniture. Grants approved for Pod system to transport blood samples directly to Laboratory and purchase of 13 infusion pumps

Ward 9 - Reclining chairs for patients. Industrial Washing Machine

Grant approved and order placed for a Blood Cell Separator to save patients having to travel to Bristol. Following that provision of a Transplant Co-ordinator Nurse for a three year term

Grants approved for refurbishment of Treatment Room, Patient Day Room and Relatives Room


Supporting running costs of the new Mobile Chemotherapy Unit

Funded new furniture for the Counselling Rooms at the Beacon Centre

Ward 9 - Funded refurbishment of the Patients' Day Room and the Relatives Room, as well as installing a new pod system to ensure blood samples reach the laboratory in an efficient manner


£3 million raised since foundation in 1978

New Transplant Coordinator Nurse appointed and sponsored for three years by MLGS

See front page for more details


Commitments - Running costs of the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit

Sponsorship of two Complementary Therapists, the Clinical Librarian, and the Stem Cell Transplant Coordinator Nurse

Purchase of 15 additional Infusion Pumps and 3 iPads

Purchase of a new top of the range microscope

Funding of new Nebulised Pentamidine facility

See front page for more details


Projects sponsored:

Mobile Chemotherapy Unit and Chemotherapy Protocol Administrator

Aromatherapy and Reflexology service

Stem Cell Transplant Co-ordinator Nurse and Pentamidine Service

Clinical Librarian

Dedicated Dietetic provision on Ward 9

Haematology software procurement

2017 - 2018

Continuing to fund the running costs and the drivers of the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit

Sponsoring the following staff positions:

Complementary Therapist – a reflexologist and an aromatherapist on Ward 9 and the Day Unit in the Beacon Centre

A Dedicated Dietitian on Ward 9 to ensure patients nutrition is maintained during treatment. Following this appointment it was found that patients suffered a smaller weight loss during treatment

Clinical Librarian to assist research saving Consultants and other medical staff time

Stem Cell Transplant Nurse and Nebulised Pentamidine Service

Purchasing a hepafiltration unit and an observation machine for the Pentamidine service to improve the patient experience and protect the staff

Contributing £22,000 to the project to provide a new bathroom with hoist on the Children’s Unit

Purchase of 6 replacement Chemotherapy Chairs and side cupboards for the Beacon Centre so they meet the latest specifications

Purchase of 2 Microscopes costing £19,000 following the appointment of 2 additional Consultant Haematologists.


Providing a Complementary Holistic Therapy